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Welsh Puppet

October 10, 2009 by siera104

I have a friend, Al, who write the online comic A character in his comic, is a gremlin named Welsh. It has always been a fantasy of mine to make a puppet, but I never had a specifc charater to make one for. Fourtunatly Al gave asked if I would make him a Welsh puppet, here are the results.

Al and Welsh PuppetWelsh Pararoll Puppet Hands

Above is Al with his Welsch puppet, and I was really impressed with my sulpty bead claws that I made for Welsh

Welsh Pararoll Homemade PuppetWelsh Pararoll Homemade Puppet Gremiln

No puppet is complete with out marabou. I used to have a Kermit puppet as a kid, and I used my memory of Kermit’s construction to guide me in making Welsh.

Puppet Claws Pararoll Welsh Homemade Al and Welsh Puppet Pararoll

Here’s The Inspiration from

Pararoll Comic 16 Welsh

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