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March, 2010

  1. Master Boudoir Makeover

    March 1, 2010 by siera104


    I really wish I had some be fore’s for this room. Imagine a pastel pink and green brush stroke border, beige walls, black and large pink and green flowers and foliage on the matching curtains and bed spread. Over time I have done a bit of work to make this room my own. First I got a new bedspread, then I rearranged the room, added a chair, and have gone through 2 set of crap-tastic window dressings. But after a couple weekends I can happily say that I am done making this room my own.



    Master Bedroom

    Master Bedroom


    I was going to pain the room in a golden, citron to match the awesome wing backed chair. But after further consideration, I thought it may be too stimulating in a bedroom. I remembered a while back that blue hued rooms slow respiration and heart rates, so something soothing and relaxing. I used the print by C.C. Beall of the oriental girl as a color pallet. The other prints I have from Etsy seller Bell & Boo, during this project I learned that Brandon does not care to see the hardware on window dressings, so that means no pretty decorative rods, and drapes like I originally had planned. But we compromised and made these luxurious upholstered cornices from 1 inch foam insulation, some glue, drywall crews, batting, fabric and staples. I am sold on Brandon’s window dressing aesthetic. The sheers I lucked out that Surplus City had a shade to match the bedspread, and I bought some 1 inch drapery grommets from, which gives a lovely folding effect to the drapes, I highly recommend this method if you are making some drapes.