Contour Plane Earthwork Calculation

Land Development Engineering

Download: Spread Sheet Calculations of Contour Plane calculations

Contour Plane - calculate cut and fill by finding the areas of the cut and fill and multiply by the height of a contour

1. Create your proposed contours

    -keep in mind you cut/fill specs

2. Color (not completely necessary) each of your Cut and fill areas of equal elevation - begin at the existing contour and continue to the proposed areas (choose unique colors and make a color key labeling each C1 C2... or F1 F2....

3. On a piece of graph paper (nice 90˚ angles) create a coordinate system using the same scale of the map (this way there are no conversions) begin at 1000,1000 so there are no negative areas, I used my engineer's scale to mark points which extended to 1200 (this was arbitrary) feet vertically and horizontally- so auto cad recognized a coordinate system

4. Create Layers for each Cut and Fill area, color code the layers to make it easy to tell which one you are working with

5. Slide your paper which has the colored layers, Activate the appropriate layer and digitize the cut/fill area (PL)

6. Repeat step 5 until all of your areas are digitized

7. Use the Area Command to find the areas of the cut and fill

Fill out the rest of the Contour Plane Spreadsheet to determine the total Volume of Cut and Fill

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