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I took Ecology at Frostburg State University during the summer with Dr. Pegg. I had a blast, we got to go to Assateague Island

Here are the pictures of our field trip


I made A Ecology Lab Practical Study. This is the study guide, for our lab practical after our field trip to Assateague Island


General Biology 2

I took Dr. Wyane Yoder's Biology II at Frostburg State University

In this class I did a project where every week I spent an hour outside at the C&O Canal and recorded the changes thorugh the winter/spring semster.


These are the notes I studied for Dr. Yoder's tests, I think they are pretty complete, I did well in the class, and some of my friends found them very helpful.
Hope these note will help you!

Disclaimer: there maybe some typo's please let me know about them by contacting me,

My General Biology II Notes:

Lab 24- Gymnosperms Lab 25- Angiosperms Plant Tissue Notes
Lab 23- Seedless Vascular Plants Lab 22- Bryophytes Plant Notes
Fungi Notes Animal Kingdom Porifera Class Notes
Plylum Cnidaria Roundworm Notes Mollusca Notes
Rotifer Notes Flatworm Notes Annelidia Notes
Echinodermata Notes Arthopoda Notes Fetal Pig Practical





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