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  1. Mom-Mom’s Pictures

    September 8, 2011 by siera104

    This is some scanned photos of my family, mostly of my Mom-Mom.

  2. M’am Mall Pictures

    September 7, 2011 by siera104

    I scanned some pictures from my M’am Mall, of my Great Aunt Marie, my M’am Mall when she was younger, and my Great Grand Mother Robbins. 



  3. Smith Family Photos

    September 6, 2011 by siera104

    Below are photos that I received from an email from a long lost cousin Pam Rhodes Smith, who found my Smith Family Tree post. Pam, thanks for the great photos!

  4. Smith Family Tree

    May 30, 2010 by siera104

    I am very lucky to have most of my genealogical research done by my relatives. I find the information fascinating, old stories, who is related to whom and all of that jazz. For most of my life though the Smith family origins and family tree were cloudy. So one day I asked my Aunt Norma, and she confirmed that my Great-Great – Grandfather Joseph Smith was a German Immigrant. The next time we met she gave me this nifty document (Smith Family History) about Joseph Smith, a C&O canal boat builder and an avid hunter, even into his spry golden years. She made a nice outline of the family tree, but I had some trouble figuring out the generations and such. So I made this image of the Smith Family Tree. (Family Members, please contact me: Siera104@gmail. com and please help me complete and/or correct this tree. I would be more than happy to ad photos and more information!) Thanks, and enjoy.

    Update, since I originally posted this information to the web a cousin, Pamela Rhodes Smith contacted me. She was kind enough to send me some photos of the family to post. Check them out, here.


    Please contact me if you have any updates or changes


  5. Master Boudoir Makeover

    March 1, 2010 by siera104


    I really wish I had some be fore’s for this room. Imagine a pastel pink and green brush stroke border, beige walls, black and large pink and green flowers and foliage on the matching curtains and bed spread. Over time I have done a bit of work to make this room my own. First I got a new bedspread, then I rearranged the room, added a chair, and have gone through 2 set of crap-tastic window dressings. But after a couple weekends I can happily say that I am done making this room my own.



    Master Bedroom

    Master Bedroom


    I was going to pain the room in a golden, citron to match the awesome wing backed chair. But after further consideration, I thought it may be too stimulating in a bedroom. I remembered a while back that blue hued rooms slow respiration and heart rates, so something soothing and relaxing. I used the print by C.C. Beall of the oriental girl as a color pallet. The other prints I have from Etsy seller Bell & Boo, during this project I learned that Brandon does not care to see the hardware on window dressings, so that means no pretty decorative rods, and drapes like I originally had planned. But we compromised and made these luxurious upholstered cornices from 1 inch foam insulation, some glue, drywall crews, batting, fabric and staples. I am sold on Brandon’s window dressing aesthetic. The sheers I lucked out that Surplus City had a shade to match the bedspread, and I bought some 1 inch drapery grommets from, which gives a lovely folding effect to the drapes, I highly recommend this method if you are making some drapes.

  6. Welsh Puppet

    October 10, 2009 by siera104

    I have a friend, Al, who write the online comic A character in his comic, is a gremlin named Welsh. It has always been a fantasy of mine to make a puppet, but I never had a specifc charater to make one for. Fourtunatly Al gave asked if I would make him a Welsh puppet, here are the results.

    Al and Welsh PuppetWelsh Pararoll Puppet Hands

    Above is Al with his Welsch puppet, and I was really impressed with my sulpty bead claws that I made for Welsh

    Welsh Pararoll Homemade PuppetWelsh Pararoll Homemade Puppet Gremiln

    No puppet is complete with out marabou. I used to have a Kermit puppet as a kid, and I used my memory of Kermit’s construction to guide me in making Welsh.

    Puppet Claws Pararoll Welsh Homemade Al and Welsh Puppet Pararoll

    Here’s The Inspiration from

    Pararoll Comic 16 Welsh

  7. Van Dell Bobbles

    July 28, 2009 by siera104

    This summer has been my Van Dell Summer. Last spring I bought this beautiful necklace from a local antique shop called Appleseed’s (it’s now only opened intermediately announced via Times-News). I took it home and seen a Van Dell label on the back.

    First Van Dell

    Van Dell is a costume jewelry company operating in the 1940’s usually used brilliant Austrian Crystals and relatively heavier gold plating on their jewelry; hence why they still look so good over these years. Van Dell’s jewelry usually contains furnishes, flowers and bows.

    Early this summer I searched Etsy for some Van Dell jewelry some pieces struck me, here they are. A green stone round necklace with signature Van Dell flourishes, with matching earrings.

    I really love the weight of the chain, from pinkdahlia22’s Etsy Shop Finally Etsy seller Nonpareils provided me with simple yet classic Hematite earrings sand necklace set, I love to wear the set to work days when I where lots of black and white.

    I also purchased form Nonpareils, a triple bow and turquoise stone necklace, the gold plate has not stood the test of time but I like how the brassy tone accentuates the blue stones. When I was sorting through my great grandma Sally’s estate I found a worn box… with the Van Dell tag inside… containing a Van Dell pin, flourishes, flowers, and bows. What a find… I didn’t even know it was in my basement in a box of china! Here are some Van Dell pieces I fancied from recent Etsy search for this post. 

  8. Colorful Kitchen

    July 15, 2009 by siera104

    I found a colorful stripe queen size flat sheet at Elmer’s for $5.99. It has become the color pallet for my Kitchen

    I made curtains for the sink and the door

    Curtains for window and door

    Brandon donated the bookshelf to the kitchen; the finish was the same as the cabinets. The back of the shelf was some Masonite and not too pretty. So I bought some sample cans of paint the same color teal and green from the inspiration fabric.

    I save my old pretzel and biscotti containers for kitchen staples. I also made my own baking soda label and stuck it on a container for parmesan cheese. I really like my cute and bright kitchen now.

    I found these shaggy rugs in the same color skeme as the curtains at Gabes for a reasonable price, I made sure they were machine washable before I put them in my kitchen.

    Colorful Rugs

  9. Curb Appeal

    June 30, 2009 by siera104

    I painted the front door and xeri-scaped the front flowerbed.




    I xeriscape the front flowerbed since the awning covers this bed, and I am terribly lazy when it come to watering plants. So far I have been pretty successful keeping the plants alive. The colors of the stone around the door served as inspiration for the colors of the door.

  10. Bubble Dining Room Lamp

    June 1, 2009 by siera104

    Using Ready-Made’s instructions for their Bubble Chandelier I made a Bubble Pendent Light for my Dining Room. Brandon assisted in the macrame since he is much better at macrame than I am. I am very pleased with the results. Soon it will be time to take care of those Peptobismal valeances. I will keep you updated.