Kingdom Animalia



Protosome embryo- spiral, determinate cleavage, if cells are missing it will effect development

Duterostome embryo- radial, indeterminated cleavage, (in people, identical twins, the zygote splits, and does not affect development

Undifferentied Cells- cells that are not differentiated into certain tissues

Ectoderm- develops into skin, sensory organs, nervous system

Endoderm- develops into digestive lining, and organs

Mesoderm- develops into skeleton, muscels and other parts

Larva- immature stage

Summary of development

Classified based on body symmetry,

Radial ____________________________________________________Bilateral

advantage of being responsive in all directions ______________________ Bilateral- have developed a head

_______________________________________________________________responsive from the front (anterior)

Also Classifed according to body cavity


Nephons- kidneys