disection of Lubricus

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Three Classes

Oligochaeta - The class Oligochaeta includes the megadriles (earthworms), which are both aquatic and terrestrial, and the microdrile families such as tubificids, which include many marine members as well.

have longitudinal mussles

segments appear similar

earth worms create tunnels

Polychaeta - This is the largest group of the Annelids and majority are marine. All segments are identical each consisting a parapodia. The parapodia are used for swimming, burrowing and feeding current.

Leeches (Hirudinea) - These include both bloodsucking external parasites and predators of small invertebrates.


Predators and parasites

less obvious body segment

most have sharp jaws

beneficial for

reconstructive surgery

clot-busting- anitcoagulant properites in secreted saliva

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