Platyheminthes -Flatworms


Central Nervous System

Digestion System

Excratory System


Three Classes

Class Turbellaria (turbellaria) can be mutialistic

Slide 35 Planaria digestive tract

SLide 34 Dugesia

Class Trematoda (flukes) parasitic

Schistoma japanica

Schistoma mansoni

Schistoma hemotubim (blood fluke

Slide 36 Fascila hepatica sheep liver fluke

Cysts of flukes in muscle of animals


Clonorchis sinensis (chinese blood fluke)

Slide 37

Slide 36 Fasci

Class Cestoda (Tapeworms) parasitic

Life cycle

Reproduction of Tapeworm



Matture Proglottid "Gravid" -full of eggs slide 38

Scolex- part of tape worm that attaches to intestine wall