General Biology 2 Class Notes

Spring 2006

I took Dr. Wyane Yoder's Biology II at Frostburg State University

These are the notes I studied for Dr. Yoder's tests, I think they are pretty complete, I did well in the class, and some of my friends found them very helpful.
Hope these note will help you!

Disclaimer: there maybe some typo's please let me know about them by contacting me,

My General Biology II Notes:

Gymnosperms Angiosperms Plant Tissue Notes
Seedless Vascular Plants Bryophytes Plant Notes
Fungi Notes Animal Kingdom Porifera Class Notes
Plylum Cnidaria Roundworm Notes Mollusca Notes
Rotifer Notes Flatworm Notes Annelidia Notes
Echinodermata Notes Arthopoda Notes Fetal Pig Practical




General Biology 2 CanalProject

Spring 2006

In this class I did a project where every week I spent an hour outside at the C&O Canal and recorded the changes thorugh the winter transforming into spring during the semester.


Summer 2006

I took Ecology at Frostburg State University during the Summer of 2006 with Dr. Pegg. I had a blast, we got to go to Assateague Island

Here are my pictures of our field trip.

Check out the Ecology Lab Practical Study. This is the study guide, for our lab practical after our field trip to Assateague Island


Plant Tax

Fall 2006

Group 1 (Gymnosperm) Notes
Group 1 List
Group 1 Flash Cards

Group 2 Notes
Group 2 List
Group 1 Flash Cards

Group 3 Notes