Biolgy 150

Seedless Vascular Plants Lab 23

phylum- Pterophyta



16 fern rhizome (root like structure)

epidermis- protects plant from bacteria and fungi

cotex- stores starchand sugar

sclerenchyma- thick walls for structure

xylem- carries water and minerals from roots to leaves

phloem- thin walls that carry sugar and nutrients

pith- first year growth unspecialized cells, a filler

17 fern fetilization

18 fern prothallium (a young sporophyte)


19 fern prothallium flamentous



phylum Psilotum (sylo-fytum)

Wisk ferns

have no true leaves

sprorangia- three are fused, and split to release sores

examples in class: growing in a pot and in a ricker mount dried

phylum Sheneophyat

most primitve vasular plant

horsetails Equisetum arvense

horsetail gamete

stems are hallow and jointed

contain silica depostits - why they are names scouring rushes (can be used to clean campware)

phylum Lycophyta

Club Mosses evergreen, stobilium bare sporangoum


Phylum Selaginella

resurrection plant

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