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  1. Updating the Kitchen

    September 22, 2011 by siera104

    I mentioned before I made some quick little fixes to brighten my kitchen. I spend a good bit of my time at home in my kitchen and this spring I got it in my head that it was time for some updating. If you recall there was mushroom wall paper a-la 1964, yellowy floors, back splashes and counters. I would like a modern white open kitchen. I like my birch home made cabinets that are original to the house, and the overall layout I can live with.

    I wanted to start with the walls, then get a new oven. But instead Brandon mentioned that I needed a dishwasher since he allegedly found some food stuck on a plate. The next weekend he mentioned this, guess what died? The DISHWASHER, luckily Lowe’s was having a sale on EnergyStar Appliances, so we got a Samsung DMT800rhwdishwasher.

    Dishwasher from 1989
    Before: GE Dishwasher from 1989

    New Dishwasher

    That same weekend I was feeling ambitiousness and began dealing with wallpaper removal. I had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into. It took 3 weeks to remove un-primed wallpaper. I found the best method to be buying a steamer and wait a minute, scrape, repeat. Then It was time to get the wall nice and smooth since I wanted a shiny white paint. That took another 3 weeks, oh what fun, white dust all over EVERYTHING. I am happy to announce this portion of the update is over. And now my kitchen is prettier. Below are some photos of the work in progress.

    Yeah, those are mushrooms on the wallpaper 

    And the obligatory after pictures. Please take note of the change in lighting . The style of light is called Forecast F6064-36, if you want to google it yourself.

    Next up… Countertops