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  1. Office Transformation

    April 7, 2000 by siera104

    The room which I put my computer in when I moved to my Kentucky Home had become a catch all. It was not good. Just see for yourself


    Like I said… not good.

    I had seen these very cool damask rugs at Elmer’s (my new favorite bargain store), for about 2 months and Friday March 13th I finally broke down and bought the only two rugs they had. Took a snip of the fibers to Lowes and bought some New Avocado paint. That Friday night I spent prepping the room.

    Then I painted the walls. I enlisted some help from some friends to get all of the furniture out of the room so I could scrub the rugs before I rolled out the new rugs. When the floors were clean it was time to see if the rugs would look good in this crazy avocado green room.

    I was starting to like it. :)

    Now I needed to put my computer and stuff back in the room. Before I did I took advantage of some 70 degree March afternoons to spray paint some bookshelves an espresso brown color.

    I found the curtain fabric at JoAnne; it was the perfect shade of green and had a brown background. The curtain rod cost $2 from Elmer’s (I did some slight repair to glue a knob on. My Brother, Bryce helped me cut the curtain rod so I could fit it on the wall.

    I lucked out that Brandon’s favorite recliner is a chocolate color and my office chair is brown. The filing cabinet i covered with the curtain fabric because I hope to upgrade from the cinchy filing cabinet soon.